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At Dairy Networks limited we offer: Dairy trainings, Dairy consultancy and manufacture dairy mineral lick

Our  HYBRID dairy consultancy & trainings  ( physical & virtual)  are hands on and farmer centered.  The content is tailor made to solve some of the dairy farm challenges, aid in decision making, impact skills and create opportunities.

The team comprises of  both professional trainers and practicing dairy farmers that  guarantees curated dairy content.

To Serve as a catalyst for a vibrant, profitable, sustainable dairy business through dispensation of knowledge.

To Empower, educate, support, mentor dairy farmers to thrive by providing needed knowledge through digital platforms, dairy trainings and programs to strengthen individual dairy farms, cooperative societies and players along dairy value chain..

Dairy Farms consultancy
Dairy farming E -books
Farmers trainings and farm tours
Dairy farming events.

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Dairy Consultancy

This a hybrid dairy consultancy (virtual and physical) thats hands on, participant – centred.

The content is tailor made to address most of dairy farm challenges, aid in making good dairy business decisions, impact skills and create opportunities.

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